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Altaros ATP 5.52 .217 with a BC of 0.15 .22 Cal 31 gr

Altaros ATP 5.52 .217 with a BC of 0.15 .22 Cal 31 gr

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.22 Cal 31 gr Altaros ATP 5.52 .217 with a BC of 0.15 -110 count individually packed in foam

These ATP slugs are manufactured by using unique lead turning technology on a precision CNC machine that Altaros has developed first in the world.  Slugs produced by this technology have very precise dimensions resulting in almost zero weight difference with excellent axial symmetry.  That can't be achieved by any other method currently used.  ATP slugs achieve a high ballistic of up to BC 0.25, which is the highest on the market.

These key feature predetermine ATP to achieve maximum accuracy and stability when shooting at long distances.  Slugs made with this technology currently hold a world record of hitting a target at 1400 yards from an air gun.

These shoot very well in LW 1-17 slow twist poly barrels and FX Panthera and Dynamic air rifles.

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