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Match Report- 2021 AAFTA National Field Target Championships

Navigating the challenges imposed by the Covid virus, the culmination of the match was a testament to perseverance and strategic planning. The two-year hiatus, while a consequence of the pandemic, paradoxically facilitated a more comprehensive and thoughtful approach to organizing the event. As a modest-sized club, Air Gun Oregon took on the monumental task of hosting the Nationals only after securing commitments from esteemed match directors across the west coast, including Scott Hull, Jim Cyran, Scott Schneider, Jim Whittlesey, Chris Merrit, and John Knapp.

This endeavor was undeniably a collaborative triumph, with all involved parties equally shouldering responsibilities across various categories, ensuring the seamless execution of the match. Each match director took charge of their respective areas with remarkable autonomy, requiring minimal assistance, underscoring the exceptional teamwork involved. The collective effort of this cohesive team, marked by shared dedication and responsibility, stands as a noteworthy accomplishment. Gratitude and pride are extended to every member of the team who contributed to the success of the event. Leading the safety front was Head Range Safety Officer Scott Hull, supported by a commendable team of Range Officers: Scott Schneider, Randy Ebersole, Wayne Burns, and Darren Taylor, whose commitment and diligence played a crucial role in ensuring a safe and well-managed competition.

Oregon State 2022 AAFTA grand prix results

A contingent of 24 competitors embarked on the 2022 Oregon State AAFTA Grand Prix, journeying from the states of Nevada, California, and Oregon. The event unfolded under favorable weather conditions, with daytime temperatures lingering in the low 90s and the nights offering a cooling respite in the high 50s. The atmosphere was characterized by low humidity, unblemished skies, and tranquil winds gently breezing at 1-3 mph, commencing around 10 am each day. Notably, the Troyer rating maintained its purity, with no wind factor influencing the assessments of the participants' performances.

Match Report 2023 AOA Extreme Field Target

It's truly commendable to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of your teammates and support staff in making the event a success. Randy, Eric, Jacob, Chris, and the entire support team, including Larry Durham, Darren, Julie, Laurie, Casey, Todd, and the RSO staff from Ashland Gun and Archery Club, deserve special recognition for their tireless efforts.

Your team's commitment to preparation, extending right up to the event day, reflects a standard of excellence in hosting such competitions. It's understood that hosting an event of this magnitude requires an immense amount of work, and the fact that your team prioritized the event's success over their personal equipment preparations speaks volumes about their dedication.

The improvements made to the range, including the expansion of covered benches and the addition of facilities for the Big Bore - Long Range Air Gun Challenge, highlight a commitment to enhancing the overall experience for participants.

Special appreciation is also due to individuals like Andy Gonzalez for providing essential equipment and support, as well as to Todd, Fred, Cameron, Monte, Martin, Mike, and David for their valuable contributions to various aspects of the event, including target painting, setting up sight-in targets, and assisting with EBR scoring and the scoreboard.

Congratulations to your entire team for their hard work, collaboration, and the successful execution of the event!

Match Report 2023 Oregon State AAFTA Grand Prix July 14-16th

We orchestrated a highly successful competitive event that drew 31 enthusiastic participants from Texas, Nevada, Washington, California, and Oregon. The weather conditions were optimal, with a comfortable 35% humidity and temperatures reaching 100 degrees on Saturday and 95 degrees on Sunday, accompanied by clear skies and gentle winds ranging from 1-3 mph starting at 9 am each day. Notably, no wind factor was applied to the Troyer rating.

Randy and I dedicated extensive effort and time to meticulously design a course tailored for WFTF competitors, aiming to provide them with valuable practice ahead of the 2024 Worlds in Phoenix. The positive response was overwhelming, as we received numerous expressions of gratitude from the participants.

In addition to the main course, we introduced a brand-new 10-lane pistol course strategically placed in the shade of a line of oaks by the irrigation canal. Furthermore, we set up an innovative sight-in line, accommodating up to 20 competitors simultaneously.

The event not only showcased our commitment to excellence but also demonstrated our proactive approach to enhancing the overall experience for participants, ensuring they had access to top-notch facilities and opportunities for skill refinement. If you have any specific inquiries or would like to share more about the event, please feel free to let me know!"

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