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SKOUT SNIPER Slugs 48.5 grain, Hollow Point, Boat Tail - 100 count

SKOUT SNIPER Slugs 48.5 grain, Hollow Point, Boat Tail - 100 count

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Made in the United States of America

SKOUT®’s commitment to excellence has now entered the world of slug ammunition for the most competitive of EPOCH® and EVOs® users. Specifically designed to be the ideal match for SKOUT® slug liners in size, weight, and twist these are the best slugs on the market for SKOUT® Air rifle shooters.

The consistency, accuracy and quality of the SKOUT® Sniper Slug also makes an excellent choice for the discerning shooter of any air rifle slug platform.*

*Results may vary, each air rifle and air rifle manufacturer is affected by numerous variables that may effect accuracy.

  • Weight

    Slug weight is a critical factor for accuracy, both a slug must be consistent in overall weight and shape (distribution of that weight). Extensive real world testing has yielded an ideal weight and design that optimizes the accuracy of SKOUT® Airguns liners.

    SKOUT® Sniper Slugs are produced in the USA using premium swages and dies from Corbin. Regarded as a manufacturing benchmark in the swage and die industry, Corbin has been manufacturing projectile tooling since 1975.

  • Diameter

    The diameter of a slug must be as consistent and fit to the liner in such a way as to minimize variables.  This allows the  shooter to dial in their chosen velocity and  other set-up factors.

    SKOUT® Sniper Slugs have been exhaustively tested to fit  SKOUT® liners perfectly. Optimized diameter provides ideal engagement with the rifling without unnecessary leading. SKOUT® Sniper Slugs are consistently sized, checked and swaged to ensure exact compliance to supplied dimensions.

  • Balance

    SKOUT® Airguns developed the Sniper Slug in cooperation with Corbin. By testing thousands of slug variations and drawing upon Corbin’s extensive bullet design experience,  SKOUT® was able to develop an extremely balanced projectile.

    Benefiting from decades of knowledge, thousands of hours of on-range testing and premium materials, SKOUT® Sniper Slug shooters can have absolute confidence that they are using the pinnacle of performance for SKOUT® barrel liners.

  • Materials

    SKOUT® Sniper Slugs utilize a 100% lead composition, out performing tin based alloys. A full lead construction gives the SKOUT® Sniper Slug the ability to maximize terminal expansion, transferring full energy to the shooters target. The natural properties of lead also assure excellent engagement with the rifling of a shooter’s liner and predictable maintenance of the barrel and shooting aids.

    Additionally, clean up is made easier by the wide availability of lead focused cleaning agents.

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