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Skout EVOs Red color, with 22 caliber Lothar Walther Poly barrel upgrade & Acra rail upgrade

Skout EVOs Red color, with 22 caliber Lothar Walther Poly barrel upgrade & Acra rail upgrade

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This package includes upgrades including:  Red color option, 580 cc carbon bottle, Acra rail, 22 caliber Lothar Walther Polygon barrel and hard case.

This newly released air rifle has been pre-ordered and should arrive around July 18th or so.  You can get one of the first ones off the production line by pre-ordering it now.

(Red Epoch shown for color only of Evo in this offer)

The SKOUT® EVO platform introduces a fully redesigned electronics package, control system and grip frame.

Simple to configure:

They say “A picture is worth a thousand words” – and SKOUT® agrees, and the EVO gives you both. In addition to vocal cues experienced on the EPOCH® the new SKOUT® EVO utilizes a high resolution, full color, sunlight visible screen.

The new user interface of the SKOUT® EVO provides an easy to understand and navigate menu system that allows a shooter to customize valve dwell, cycling modes, safety parameters and guidance cues.  By leveraging auditory and visual guides the SKOUT® EVO is incredibly easy to  set up to a wide range of shooters preferences.

The auditory cues can also be silenced and the screen dimmed to suite those who prefer a more traditional interaction with their air gun.

SKOUT Evo Gripframe and OLED Screen

Durable and Rebuildable:

Every component of the EVO’s electronic control system has been tested in real world conditions. The battery pack of the EVO is CE approved and meets all current safety guidelines for lithium batteries, it is also quick charging with a standby time of weeks.

Additionally, the EVO’s electronic components have a modular design, giving the user the ability to repair, replace or customize individual components rather than replacing an entire system.

SKOUT® believes in the Right to Repair, and can provide replacement and repair parts for users who choose to service/repair their own equipment. This is particularly important to shooters in remote locations, or those who frequently travel.

Built upon Success:

SKOUT® EPOCH featured one of the most adjustable, unique and light weight triggers to the air gun world. Unmatched in its versatility, reliability and user experience – much of the trigger system remains intact on the EVO.

Simple changes like micro switch position, pivot point and angle of attack have all been utilized to refine the SKOUT® EVO trigger. These changes increase the range of adjustment, felt trigger weight and provide a cleaner “break” feeling to the trigger.


SKOUT® EVO - Steel Bull Barrel Render

Traditional Solid Bull Barrel

SKOUT® EVO - Carbon Bull Barrel Render

SKOUT® Carbon Bull Barrel

With the introduction of the EVO platform, SKOUT® Air guns has transitioned to a composite bull style barrel as well as developing several traditional full weight steel bull barrels.

Carbon Composite Bull Factory Barrels:

The factory composite bull barrels use a thick carbon outer wall, permanently bonded to an alloy liner. The solid carbon fiber wall provides similar relative stiffness and dampening properties when compared to a solid steel bull barrel at a reduced weight. The new EVO carbon composite bull barrel provides extreme versatility for sportsmen, enthusiasts, and competitors of all levels and disciplines.  SKOUT®’s carbon composite bull barrel adds tremendous value to the EVO platform.

Due to the barrel’s lower cost, an air gun enthusiast can more readily afford a larger selection of barrel lengths, calibers, and configurations while still using a singular EVO air gun platform.

Factory Steel Bull Barrels:

SKOUT® engineers validate barrel design theory with real world testing, each EVO configuration is extensively tested at our on site 100 yard indoor range prior to approval for production.  Utilizing this type of testing, our engineers and shooting team are able to determine an optimized shooting solution for every caliber and projectile type.

In pursuit of optimized “out of the box” accuracy, some models of EVO will be offered with traditional steel full weight bull barrels manufactured within SKOUT®’s supply chain.

Aftermarket Barrels: Factory tested & optionally equipped.

SKOUT®, has partnered with several barrel manufactures to offer aftermarket barrels factory direct. These barrels will be co-branded with their manufacture, as well as factory tested in our 100 yard indoor range before shipment, even when the barrel is purchased separately.

As an example; SKOUT®’s first aftermarket collaboration is a full weight steel bull barrel in .22 caliber featuring polygonal rifling and a 1:15.75 twist. This traditional bull barrel is produced for SKOUT® by Lothar Walther, we currently consider this to be one of our most accurate barrels.


* (Carbon Bull-Style Barrels Only)

SKOUT EVO - Barrel Index Chamber

Retention tabs rotate, when unlocked, to allow adjustable alignment.

SKOUT EVO - Barrel Index Chamber - Side view

Indexing your barrel has never been easier or more approachable.

The revised barrel lock system of the EVO allows the shooter to index their barrel without removing it from the air gun. The EVO barrel lock offers infinite adjustment, precise alignment and secure retention.

Indexing your barrel is as simple as loosening the two barrel securement locks, rotating the barrel and locking it back down. For precision shooters this allows rapid adjustment, . The barrel itself is marked with indexing numbers, providing the ability to return the barrel to its previously indexed position after service or transport.

If a shooter does not choose to utilize the indexing feature, no additional steps are required to secure the barrel when compared to taking advantage of the indexing function. A feature with no drawbacks, enthusiasts retain a simple removal and install, while the a serious shooter gains a ballistic advantage.

*It should be noted that solid steel bull barrels are designed with a fixed orientation and cannot be indexed.

SKOUT Evo Skeleton Stock


SKOUT®’s new Skeletonized Shoulder Rest (SSR) is comes equipped on the EVO,  it is also compatible with all current SKOUT® airguns.  The SSR’s efficient design & stock solid aluminum construction is carved from a single chunk of billet aluminum. Finished with a hard anodized surface (not paint) this shoulder rest looks and handles great.

Who is the Skeletonized Shoulder Rest (SSR) for?

  • Slug Shooters looking to manage weight and simplify their set up
  • Air gun Hunters looking for additional sling connections and a more mobile platform
  • PRS Competitors
  • Air gunners who travel frequently (lower weight)
SKOUT Evo Benchrest Stock


First seen on the SKOUT® EPOCH, our bench rest chassis has been proven around the world in competitive, hunting and recreational use. With a wide variety of adjustments – total length, shoulder pad height, cheek pad elevation – provide a massive range of adjustments to fit all shooters and styles.

The SKOUT® Bench Rest Chassis (BRC) has a plethora of additional mounts for rear rests, weights, aftermarket pads and all other major industry rear shooting aids.  *The BRC is an optional accessory for EVO SKOUT® air guns.

Who is the Bench Rest Chassis For?

  • Bench rest Competitors
  • Data Driven Shooters (helps with repeatability)
  • Enthusiasts shooting from a fixed position
  • Shooters looking to maximize long range accuracy
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