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Umarex Notos Carbine TWO TUNNED DEAL .22 Cal and 3 free Magazines! (Scope Not Included)

Umarex Notos Carbine TWO TUNNED DEAL .22 Cal and 3 free Magazines! (Scope Not Included)

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Here is the Perfect Father & Son OR Mother & Daughter deal.... or two brothers, or... or.... or..  Two exact same air guns ready to compete or share plinking or hunting experiences together.  These sweet carbines fit adults and kids alike.

The  TWO TUNNED DEAL is 2 of The Umarex Notos PCP Carbines that we have polished the sidelever, and barrel and adjusted the trigger.  We also test shoot them to be sure they shoot one hole groups at 20 yards and 3/4" at 50 yards.  We are including 6 extra magazines in this package deal too!

The Umarex Notos is a maneuverable and convenient air gun with features that make it ideally suited for versatile and accurate shooting. Our tune on these guns include testing and produced a 20 shot average of: 782 FPS with a 13.34-gr. (18.5 FPE) & 739 FPS with 15.9 gr. (19.1 FPE) Air Arms pellets, These affordable and fun little carbines provide ample power for accurate target shooting, plinking fun, or serious pest control, and small-game hunting.

This Carbine version allows shooters to adjust the length of pull by extending the length-adjustable buttstock to get the specific fit they want, while also allowing the overall size to remain compact when fully collapsed. In addition, the ridged rubber butt pad results in better control and comfort and aids in getting a repeatable hold.

The Umarex Notos Carbine uses a 66cc air cylinder filled to 3,625 PSI to deliver up to 40 shots per fill, and it also has a regulator set to 1,900 PSI to deliver 21 of those shots at consistent, fully-regulated optimal velocity. In addition, the removable 7-round auto-indexing magazine delivers fast follow-up shot convenience, and the included single-shot tray allows shooters to optimize accuracy for focused shooting.

Quiet shots are made possible because of the three-baffle SilencAir System and shrouded barrel, and the convenient and smooth sidelever leads to easy cocking. To facilitate aiming, this air gun has an integrated full-length Picatinny optics rail, and the integrated manometer combines with the male Foster quick-disconnect fill fitting to make filling simple.

This is a light weight, accurate and flexible air gun with adjustable length and the power and accuracy for convenient pest control, plinking, and small-game hunting.

  • Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Sidelever
  • Uses .22 caliber pellets
  • Length-adjustable buttstock with Rubber Butt pad
  • Overall Length: 31.375" with stock collapsed, 34" fully extended
  • Shrouded barrel and three-baffle SilencAir System
  • Max. fill pressure: 3,625 PSI (250 BAR)
  • Regulator pressure: 1,900 PSI
  • 21 regulated shots per fill
  • Max. velocity: 850 FPS (w/ 13.34 gr. pellet)
  • Integral manometer
  • Male Foster quick-disconnect fill fitting
  • 7-round removable rotary magazine
  • Single-shot tray included
  • Picatinny optics rail
  • Barrel length: 11.75"

That's a seven shot group at 30 yards in the photo.

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