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Altaros External Regulator with Externally Adjustable Pressure

Altaros External Regulator with Externally Adjustable Pressure

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External regulator with the ability to quickly and simply smoothly change the output pressure from 70 to 250 bar. Input and output for standard quick coupling.

This regulator can be used for any air rifle,  to maintain air tube at a stable pressure, which ensures significantly more consistent (precise) shooting, especially for rifles that are not equipped with any regulator as standard. 

Even air gun equipped with a regulator will improve consistency, as this will create a cascade regulation and the original regulator will work more accurately.

It is most suitable for comfortable shooting from air gun, especially high-power,  when it allows you to connect a full 300 bar bottle permanently to the rifle and comfortably fire hundreds of shots without the need to fill the air tube or check pressure.

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