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Airgun Oregon

Registration Fee 2024 AOA GP Event May 2nd-5th

Registration Fee 2024 AOA GP Event May 2nd-5th

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4rd Annual Air Guns of Arizona & Air Gun Oregon Extreme Air Gun Challenge

555 Emigrant Creek rd., Ashland, Oregon 97520 – May 2nd – 5th 2024

Registration/Sign In & Practice & Speed Silhouette, Thursday May 2nd, 2024

After Sign In, practice on the courses can start at 8:00 am Thursday morning.  We have to quit by 6:00 pm.  The Speed Silhouette Challenge will be held from Noon to 6PM.  Speed Silhouette will be two banks of five targets.  One bank will be 7/8” at 35 Yards and the second bank will be 1 9/16” at 50 Yards.  Competitors will shoot “Head to Head” The fastest times to knock over all 10 targets move on to the finals on Sunday Morning.  The included Awards Lunch/Dinner to follow all the finals on Sunday.

AOA Extreme Field Target Grand Prix – (Friday and Saturday Mornings 9am to Noon) 

AOA GP Rules apply: Air Guns of Arizona Grand Prix Rules link

The Extreme Field Target Event will be limited to 48 competitors with match time starting for all competitors at 9:00 am, Friday and Saturday mornings. We will have 13 lanes with two targets per lane (one lane, the offhand lane, will have only one target, for 25 targets and two shots per target making a 50 shot per day match.   We will have 3-4 competitors per squad, depending on the number of contestants. 100fpe power limit & .30 calibers or less, PELLETS ONLY - NO SLUGS.  Any scope, but your scope power must be set to 32X or less

The targets are mostly round swingers painted red, with backstops that will be painted white so you can see your hits and misses. Any movement of the spinner is considered a hit. The non-shooting squad mates will time, score and spot hits and misses for the shooting competitor.  If you have a spotting scope or binoculars, please bring them.

Competitors will have 3 min. to take their 4 shots. Each hit will count for 5 points, for 250 points possible per day; matching up with the total possible in the 100 yard Bench Rest and the Big Bore matches so we can have the Combined Awards too. .  Timers will be used.  Timers start when the competitors are “ready” to enter the shooting box.  Any shots not taken before the time expires are considered misses.  Targets will be placed at 15 yards to 110 yards.  The target distance will be posted at the lane.  The smallest spinner is 7/8” and largest is 4”. One lane with one target will be supported, standing offhand.

100 yard AirGun Oregon AOA Extreme Bench Rest – (Friday and Saturday Afternoons and Finals Sunday Afternoon)

The Extreme Bench Rest relays will be shot Friday and Saturday after the Extreme Field Target and lunch, starting around 12:15 pm. There will be up to 5 relays of 12 competitors, allowing for 60 total participants in the EBR event.  We will try a new “Unlimited 100fpe Slug” class this year.  The relays will be split into slug and pellet class, keeping each separate.  Slugs and Pellets are limited to 100fpe and 35 calibers for safety and scoring.  There will be 20 minutes to shoot your 25 bull card and 5 min to remove your equipment from the bench. Tethering will be allowed in the Unlimited Slug Class.  Tanks must be securely placed in the provided air tank safety holder so you can stay at your bench during the entire match.  Please wait until all shooters are done, if you finish before the time is up wait silently and maybe check your card to be sure you shot each bull. Contestants will draw relay and lane assignments upon arrival and shoot with the same group both days.  Relay start times will be reversed for the second card on Saturday afternoon. 

We will keep the number of competitors in each relay as equal as possible.  Only 12 can make the finals, so if we end up with 4 relays of 12, then the top 3 two day combined scores will make the finals from each group of 12.  Conversely, if we have 36 or less contestants, then we have 3 relays of 12 and can have 4 of the top two day combined scores go to the Finals on Sunday after the Long Range Big Bore Challenge.  Only the Finals card on Sunday will determine the winner of the Extreme Bench Rest Contest.

145 to 300 Long Range Challenge

The 145 to 300 Long Range Challenge Relays will start at 9am Sunday Morning. 

This year we will have LED light Hit Indicators on the targets, so we won’t have to call cold lines and score the targets between target changes.  We will have 5 lanes/benches with only one “TRIrant” target on each lane at 145, 175, 195, 260 and 300 yards.  You will take 5 shots on each target.  Hitting the center bull spinner quadrant, will light the 10 points flasher and the outside 2 rectangular swingers will light the 5 point LEDs, for a possible 50 points per lane, or 250 possible points for the match.

You will get 5 mins to take your 5 shots.  Your gun must be kept on the shooting bench and pointed downrange at all times.  Tethering will be allowed. Tanks must be placed in the securely provided air tank safety holder so you can stay at your bench during the entire match.  Please wait until all shooters are done, if you finish before the time is up. Please quietly wait until all shooters are done.

Combined Two Best Scores Bonus Prize

The best two of your scores from the EBR pellet, ERB Slug, EFT and Long Range, for a 500 Possible High Score in the “Combined Best Scores Contest”.  Ties will be decided by most X’s from EBR plus most EFT lanes without a miss, plus most “10s” in a row in EBR and Long range events combined together.

Link to last years report in Hard Air Magazine

Match Entry Fees

You can enter in all five events:  Extreme Field Target, 100 yard Extreme Bench Rest Pellet & Slug, Speed Silhouette, and or the 145 to 300 yard Big Bore Challenge.  Each event match fee is $75, but if you enter in any 4, you get them for the price of 3 at $225. If you enter in all 5 you only have to pay for 4.  Go here to purchase the events you want:

Go here: to then register the equipment etc and choose the 4 events if you paid for 3 or 5 events if  you paid for 4. Or the events are $75 each for less than 3 events. Match fees include the Awards Dinner/Lunch, but there will be a charge or donation for the daily brunch/ lunch meals.

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